About Us

Madhu India is a name that is synonymous with ‘Style’. The company has been redefining the concept of interior design through its focus on window coverings and floor coverings. Once seen as a mere accessory to interior design, Carpets, Rugs and Window Blinds have come a long way, and are today seen as a highlight of truly fashionable interiors.

Established in 1979, Madhu India is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Floor and Window Coverings, based out of India. Their range of Carpets, Rugs and Window Blinds are a rage among Interior Designers and leading Interior Product manufacturers. These products can complement the rest of the décor creating interesting themes and captivating interiors that are both soothing and stylish at the same time.

Madhu India invests significant time and capital in Research and Development that helps manufacture new products from time to time. With such a wide range of offerings and clientele spread across 72 countries, the company is regarded as a market leader in the Décor Products Industry, in India.

What sets Madhu India apart from competition is its commitment to Quality and Processes. Its facilities are equipped with the latest equipment and are driven by well-documented processes and qualified technical staff. In an industry that focuses largely on creativity and variety of design, Madhu India stands out with its commitment to manufacturing products that are as long-lasting and durable as they are versatile.

Having completed 39 years of existence, the company is starting a new phase and looking at rapid expansion in overseas products and introduction of new product lines that complement its existing offerings.