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Name MBLT-1254 Chocolate Torando
Type Smooth Leather Rug
Care Instruction

-These are easy to clean as the fiber do not hold on to dirt and stains, just hose and then lay them flat to dry or vacuum clean. They also do not mold or mildew.

- In case of a braided product, if the thread which hold the braid break, simply stitch with a needle & thread (trim the loose braid threads but never pull them).

- Any irregularity in color and construction is actually a part of the home spun look. Being hand crafted, slight irregularities are inherent to all products which might be a minimum dye lot variation or pattern repeat variation.

- Due to tight packaging, the product may not be flat on unpacking. Please lay it on the opposite side from the opening direction and let it lay for while, and it will become flat in a short time