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Name MA-2507
Type Paper Rug
Technical Info PAPER 85%, COTTON 15%
Lead Time 10 TO 14 WEEKS
Care Instruction

Vacuum cleaning is normally sufficient for cleaning your carpet.  This carpet has undergone water & stain resistant treatment.  Coffee spills or other liquid spills should be removed immediately with a soft cloth, towel or napkin.  Since these rugs are made of special paper suited for home use you can even use a small amount of cleaning solution (no bleach or detergent) and little water (not hot) to clean the spot.

Food stains can be carefully scraped off with a sharp object.  Such as table knife.  Be careful not to damage or cut the paper twine.

Dry cleaning is not recommended.

 Airing the carpet:  Do not beat or shake the rug.  Simply law it out on a flat surface.